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Jahn Carlini
Art Director

Adobe Photoshop
Web Design

JahnVision Digital Art is an international graphic design studio specialized in ArtWorks for Bands, Musicians, Labels/Companies around the world in music industry.

Owner of JahnVision Art is Jahn a freelance graphic designer. Digital ArtWork since October 2012.

Jahn has extensive knowledge of the music industry, with experience as a musician, listener and as a graphic artist and designer.

The work area is Digital Art. All artworks are 100% digitals, with photomontage techniques, digital resources. For the moment don’t using techniques of illustration and hand drawing.

JVA emerged from identified opportunity to act as an intermediary in the Music Industry in process services in idealization of graphic designs for small bands and independent labels, so about 4 years working with Bands, Musicians, Stamps, Labels and Companies around the world in music industry.

Now in addition to the digital art, JVA provides performance for photo and lyric video services.


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